Institutional Clients

Get execution, research and personalized services for trading stocks and derivatives in U.S. and India*. Click here to talk to our representatives for customized solutions and preferred rates.

Market Access

Jaypee provides our clients market access in various asset classes. Choose from a variety of trading platforms for easy trading and execution in hundreds of products!

Individual Clients

Choose from a variety of online and downloadable trading platforms. Click here to learn more about easy trading. Eligible individuals talk to us about trading and investing in India!*

Support & Research

Jaypee has dedicated retail and institutional desks to service our clients 24/7. Feel free to call or email us.
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*Brokerage services in India only available to eligible investors: FIIs or sub-accounts of FIIs, NRIs, PIOs and OCIs. Eligible investors can only trade equity and equity derivatives in Indian markets. Please carefully consider all risks involved in trading on foreign exchanges before investing. Indian services are available through Jaypee capital services, ltd.

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