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Jaypee is a financial services firm headquartered in Chicago providing brokerage services to both institutional and retail customers via multiple exchanges. We provide access to a wide range of financial products including equities, options, futures, commodity derivatives, and ETF... Read More


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Global Markets Brokerage Services

At Jaypee, we provide highly customized services to our institutional and corporate clients. Our clients in this category include hedge funds, CTAs, CPOs, professional traders & other asset managers, global corporations and family offices...Read More

Indian Markets Brokerage Services

With membership to every Indian stock exchange, Jaypee provides investors access to Indian equity and derivatives through our parent company Jaypee Capital Services, making your growth potential much higher....Read More

Why Jaypee

Why Choose Us

Jaypee was established with a vision of going to new marketplaces and regulatory environments to emerge as a financial services firm providing brokerage services globally. How do we do it?
  • Diverse Product Choices for Higher ROI
  • Advanced trading platforms
  • Superior execution practises
  • Tailored services
  • A low-fee structure

Our Clients

Hedge funds, CTAs, CPOs, Other Asset Managers, Global Corporations, Family offices.
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Traders and investors of all competence levels and portfolio sizes are among our clientele in this segment.
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Traders and Investors
Traders and Investors
Traders and Investors who have a special interest in the Indian market — focus on Foreign Institutional Investors...
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Our Global Trading Partners

The background of the firm may be found on FINRA's BROKERCHECK.

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