About Us

Setting Iconic Standards for Investment Ventures

Jaypee is a financial services firm headquartered in Chicago, providing brokerage services to both institutional and retail customers via multiple exchanges. We provide access to a wide range of financial products including equities, options, futures, commodity derivatives, and ETFs. With memberships in the major exchanges and a presence in the U.S, we are positioned to provide services to our existing as well as potential clients. Meet opportunity through a diverse set of products, a variety of advanced trading platforms, best execution practices and a low fee structure.


Jaypee recognizes that trading can be intimidating and complicated. Thus,

  • We are committed to empowering anybody globally to understand and manage their financial future.
  • We aim to provide our clientele with up-to-date financial trading resources.
  • We also strive to adapt and deliver innovative trading techniques and prospects in an efficient, secure, and customer-friendly modus.

Core Values

What Do We Stand For?

Our Values
Value To You
Value Benefit


Low price

Competitively low and flexible pricing structure.


Customer Service

Dedicated and responsive customer service teams for 24-hour customer support.


Multiple Solutions

Multiple trading platforms across geographies. Flexible and secure reporting.


Extensive Research and Ideas

Access to Jaypee Capital Services Limited market data and proprietary research. Information on stocks, commodities and trading strategies.

Why Jaypee

Jaypee is a financial services firm providing brokerage services to both institutional and retail customers via multiple exchanges since 2003. With group memberships in the major exchanges like COMEX, LME, NSE, BSE, and MCX, and headquartered out of Chicago, the financial derivatives capital of the world, we are well-positioned to offer our brokerage services to potential and existing customers. Our partnerships with some of the most efficient technology providers in the global domain ensure access to a wide range of products and some of the latest technology available for making the client`s trading experience effortless. Through our partners, we also provide our institutional customers efficient connectivity and superior co-location solutions to major exchanges around the world.

Jaypee offers a wide range of services, tools and multiple investment options.

Global Market Access

With access to global markets, we provide customers with efficient connectivity solutions to the world’s top exchanges. We provide connectivity to all the major global exchanges, constant monitoring by on-site support staff, and advanced trading infrastructure, where investors can customise the access and services that fit their needs.

Co-location & Algorithmic Trading

With co-location and our algorithm-based trading platforms and exchange connectivity, our clients enjoy the perks of easy access and low latency. Jaypee provides scalable and agile solutions for direct and quick market access through our partners. Our trading platforms provide fast login with Touch ID/ Face ID, push notifications and charts and analysis at the fingertips of our clients.

The background of the firm may be found on FINRA's BROKERCHECK.