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Futures Account

Wedbush Futures
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Clearing & Execution - Wedbush futures provides clearing and execution services for all of the US Futures, Equity Markets, Option Exchanges, and FICC Cleared Treasuries.

Treasury Clearing & Repo - Wedbush Futures provides treasury repurchasing agreements opportunities in government securities.

Risk Management Services - Wedbush offers end-to-end risk management solutions from essential pre-execution risk controls, tools and protocols designed to protect active traders, professional and institutional clients to viewing risk in real time.

Hosting & Trading Support Services - In addition to co-location, hosting, and low-latency execution, Wedbush also provides technology and infrastructure services to support client trading operations 24/7.

Stone X
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The Securities offering from StoneX Financial Inc. provides end-to-end global service and solutions – from deep liquidity across equities, options, and fixed income products to highly efficient clearing and post-trade services.

Liquidity, Market Access, 24-Hour Service -The StoneX team offers 24-hour making and trade execution across to various futures exchanges worldwide. Their position as a Category 1, ring-dealing member of the LME* and as members of NYMEX/COMEX and CME, allows them access to a deep pool of liquidity.

Market Intelligence - Decades of experience and on-the-ground expertise help StoneX provide real-world commodity market intelligence

Platform service highlights include:

  • Low latency and connectivity/conformance testing
  • StoneX market risk monitoring system, Global Risk, a highly functional trading and risk management platform focused in monitoring your electronic trading positions
  • In-house expertise to meet the needs of platform users
  • Co-location global service to provide maximum support and stability
  • Bespoke teams to meet individual client customized needs on reporting interfaces and other data services
  • StoneX provides their customers with a 24-hour trading support coverage via its Chicago/London/Hong Kong desks