Global Market

Global Markets Brokerage Services

At Jaypee, we provide highly customized services to our institutional and corporate clients. Our clients in this category include hedge funds, CTAs, CPOs, professional traders & other asset managers, global corporations and family offices.

We understand that capital preservation is key – capital gains flow from a well-thought-out investment strategy. Our main objective is to provide you with all the tools and services you need to reduce the administrative burdens of managing money and focus on maximizing your trading performance and building your business. Our experienced and trained professionals act as your advisor and proactively help you make informed investment decisions and build a healthy portfolio.


Securities and Futures Account

Self-directed or Online Accounts

Simple, reliable and efficient online trading for investors preferring to trade their own account with no broker assistance

Broker Assisted Accounts

A Jaypee broker-assisted account gives you access to a market professional with extensive trading and account service experience. Broker assisted accounts are especially appropriate if you don’t have the time to follow the markets as closely as you would like.


Why Jaypee?

Jaypee is a financial services firm providing brokerage services to both institutional and retail customers via multiple exchanges since 2003. With group memberships in the major exchanges like COMEX, LME, NSE, BSE, and MCX, and headquartered out of Chicago, the financial derivatives capital of the world, we are well-positioned to offer our brokerage services to potential and existing customers. Our partnerships with some of the most efficient technology providers in the global domain ensure access to a wide range of products and some of the latest technology available for making the client`s trading experience effortless. Through our partners, we also provide our institutional customers efficient connectivity and superior co-location solutions to major exchanges around the world. With us, you can-

Jaypee offers a wide range of services, tools and multiple investment options.

Global Market Access

With access to global markets, we provide customers with efficient connectivity solutions to the world’s top exchanges. We provide connectivity to all the major global exchanges, constant monitoring by on-site support staff, and advanced trading infrastructure, where investors can customise the access and services that fit their needs.

Co-location & Algorithmic Trading

With co-location and our algorithm-based trading platforms and exchange connectivity, our clients enjoy the perks of easy access and low latency. Jaypee provides scalable and agile solutions for direct and quick market access through our partners. Our trading platforms provide fast login with Touch ID/ Face ID, push notifications and charts and analysis at the fingertips of our clients.